Pathway to Peace

2014 Conference

Healing Through Martial Arts

Benefit Dinner

Saturday October 25th

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Survival Guide

Sunday October 26th

Martial Arts Field Survival Skills



  • Bill “Superfoot” Wallace
    Additional Info

    Bill “Superfoot” Wallace retired as the undefeated Professional Karate Association (PKA) Middleweight Champion after defeating Bill Biggs in a 12-round bout in June 1980. The victory, 23rd straight, signaled the end to an illustrious 15-year career in tournament and full contact fighting. Known to the karate world simply as “Superfoot,” symbolic of his awesome left leg, which was once clocked in excess Continue Reading...

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  • Colonel Dane S. Harden

    US Army Colonel Dane S. Harden is a senior flight surgeon with the United States Army.  He has been deployed multiple times including to  Bosnia, Kosovo, Irag, Afghanistan, and Hurricane Katrina.  He is a fellow of the Wilderness Medical Society and has taught not only about survival in the Wilderness but also put these teachings to use in his avid Continue Reading...

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  • Jeff Webb

    Dai-Sifu Jeff Webb, 6th Degree Master, is the chief-instructor of the National Ving Tsun Organization and of the Austin Ving Tsun Academy. He has studied martial arts for nearly 30 years and has taught professionally since 1996. During his career he has taught over 100 seminars and weekend training camps throughout the United States and Canada. He began studying So-Ryu Continue Reading...

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  • Kevin Blok
    Chief Instructor

    Kevin Blok – 8th Dan World Kobudo Federation, 7th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido Kevin Blok Kyoshi started his martial arts training in 1967. He began by studying Judo and Tae Kwon Do and moved on to Shito Ryu Karatedo where he achieved a Dan level. He was promoted to 3rd Dan in Iai Tate Do Iaido and also holds ranking in Continue Reading...

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  • Dane S. Harden
    Additional Info

    Event Founder - Dane S. Harden - His martial arts training began in 1969 and for most of his life he has pursued a warriors path.  The experience as a professional soldier - health care provider - teacher - and martial artist of the old school is indeed unique.  Some of his many accolades and accomplishments include: (Martial Arts Credentials) 7th Dan Tae Kwon Do – Kom Do Kwon.  3rd Dan Yoshinkan Aikido (Chudokai Continue Reading...

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  • Dana Abbott
    Additional Info

    Shihan’s technique is very Orient influenced…being clean, strong and intimidating to an opponent. For the past 3 decades Shihan Dana Abbott has amassed and is continually adding to his large library of information on the Japanese sword. Pursuit of perfection in learning the Japanese sword has been Shihan Abbott’s goal. Living in Japan for over 15 years allowed him to Continue Reading...

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  • Danny Dring
    Additional Info

    Master Joe Lewis felt so strongly in regard to Danny’s skill set that Joe appointed Danny as one of the standards authorities at the Joe Lewis Fighting System.  A go to guy for all Black Belt candidates with the JLFS!  Danny Dring and Master Harden have been friends for several years and are affiliated through their mutual kinship with the Joe Lewis Fighting System and as Board Members Continue Reading...

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why attend?

  • Establish tactics for personal safety
  • Learn ways to release the powerful hold of past trauma
  • Build awareness about the Healing Warrior Initiative
  • Manage stress and improve focus naturally
  • Strengthen your body from the inside-out

Our Causes

The Healing Warrior Initiative (formerly Wounded Warrior Expo) announces that the veteran organizations that have been selected to benefit from the 2013 Pathway to Peace Conference are as follows:


The Wounded Warrior Project, Inc.

National Giving


The Army National Guard Family Fund

State Level Giving


The Abingdon Veterans Memorial Park

Local Level Giving


The Healing Warrior Initiative

Local Level Giving